Panellists approve ransomware payments for cybersecurity peace of mind

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Ransomware payments can be necessary, say panellists – Central Banking


  • Paying off ransomware attackers may be necessary for financial institutions
  • Regulators discuss the risks and benefits of making ransomware payments

Regulators speaking on a panel at the Central Banking Summer Meetings 2024 in London discussed the growing threat of ransomware attacks on financial institutions. They debated the potential benefits and risks of paying off hackers who seize control of confidential data and encrypt it, locking out legitimate users. Despite the risks involved, some panellists argued that making ransomware payments may be the only way to safeguard financial stability in certain cases.

This discussion sheds light on the complex challenges faced by central banks and financial institutions in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. The increasing sophistication of cyber hackers, some with the support of state actors, highlights the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and proactive risk management strategies within the financial sector.

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