Pune’s talent pool shines in cybersecurity spotlight

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  • Pune is becoming a cybersecurity hotspot, attracting MNCs and startups
  • Companies in Pune are focusing on AI-based defense mechanisms and quantum cryptography to prevent cyberattacks

Pune is emerging as a sought-after location for cybersecurity companies, attracting both MNCs and startups. Companies in Pune are focusing on developing AI-based defense mechanisms, integrated security architecture, and using quantum cryptography to prevent cyberattacks and online identity thefts. A skilled AI/ML certified talent pool is contributing to Pune’s status as a cybersecurity hotspot. Global cybersecurity company CrowdStrike recently doubled its capacity in Pune, while domestic and international companies are recruiting students with specialized cybersecurity courses. The city is also witnessing a surge in startups engaging in cybersecurity and data privacy. Director of startups Itellisecure and Privacient Sanyogeeta Rananaware highlighted the growth of their team and investor interest in the cybersecurity space. Overall, the cybersecurity landscape in Pune is thriving, with efforts to create a Pune chapter of cybersecurity professionals and a focus on developing advanced cybersecurity products and technologies.

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