Revolutionary Identity Intel Empowers Next-Gen Cyber Defense

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TLDR: Cisco has released a new solution, Cisco Identity Intelligence, designed to improve identity security and protect against emerging threats. The solution aims to unify networking and security, streamlining policy management across various cloud environments. It uses AI-driven analytics to detect anomalies, clean up vulnerable accounts, and block high-risk access attempts. The system draws on data from multiple sources to respond dynamically to threats and integrate authentication, access, and threat detection.

Identity security is a crucial aspect of effective cybersecurity and can often be the Achilles heel for organizations. Identity-based attacks have become a significant challenge worldwide, with attackers exploiting digital identities and compromised credentials to gain unauthorized access. Cisco hopes to raise the bar in identity security with the release of Cisco Identity Intelligence.

According to a blog post from Cisco, over a quarter of the engagements conducted by Cisco Talos Incident Response in 2023 involved adversaries utilizing compromised credentials. This highlights a vulnerability in traditional security models that leave gaps for attackers to exploit due to a “blind trust” between authentication and access solutions. Cisco Identity Intelligence aims to address this issue by providing unified visibility and analytics to detect anomalies, clean up vulnerable accounts, and block high-risk access attempts.

Cisco Identity Intelligence is an AI-driven platform that operates atop existing identity stores, offering streamlined policy management and integration across various cloud environments. The solution aims to move cybersecurity strategy from point solutions to an integrated platform, simplifying the management of multiple vendor solutions through the Cisco Security Cloud. By bridging the gap between authentication and access and using AI as a cornerstone of security strategy, Cisco hopes to defend against current and future cyber threats.

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