Secure your data with cloud security Do you know where?

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  • Many IT and security leaders lack confidence in knowing where their sensitive data is stored.
  • Cloud security concerns are heightened by the rise of data residency regulations.

Cloud security leaders are losing sleep over the uncertainty of where their data is stored and how it is secured, according to a recent Gigamon report. With 50% of IT and security leaders lacking confidence in data storage, and 56% worried about undiscovered blind spots being exploited, the need for improved cloud and hybrid cloud security is clear.

Attacks are on the rise, with 90% of respondents reporting a data breach in the last 18 months. Lack of visibility across data in motion from on-premises to the cloud is a major concern, highlighting the importance of establishing visibility and control for a cohesive security program.

Data residency regulations, such as GDPR, have added complexity to cloud data storage, requiring enterprises to ensure data localization and compliance monitoring. Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platforms offer solutions for enhancing visibility into user activities and behavioral risks to aid in regulatory compliance.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is recommended for continuously monitoring IT infrastructure to detect blind spots and remediate potential points of attack. Asset discovery, classification and prioritization, remediation, and monitoring are the core processes involved in ASM to strengthen security measures.

To address cloud security concerns and ensure data protection, organizations must focus on cloud-native security controls, security orchestration, and automation. With the evolving threat landscape, staying on top of security measures is crucial for IT and security teams to rest easier at night.

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