SIBERprotect: Automated cyber defense for industrial OT systems

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  • SIBERprotect is a cyber response solution for industrial OT systems introduced by Siemens.
  • It brings the SOAR concept to cyber-physical systems, allowing for rapid response to cyber attacks.

Siemens has developed SIBERprotect as an automatic cyber response solution for industrial OT systems. This system brings the Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) concept to cyber-physical systems, enabling the quick identification and containment of cyber attacks within milliseconds. SIBERprotect works in conjunction with Siemens SCALANCE S industrial security appliances to place OT into a safe, isolated condition in the event of a cyber attack. The system offers features such as network isolation, equipment management, and detailed situational awareness to facilitate a fast and efficient response. Unlike traditional systems that send alerts to a Security Operations Center (SOC), SIBERprotect is directly linked to network firewalls and automation hardware, allowing for immediate action based on predetermined threat levels. This system is compliant with the international standard for industrial cybersecurity, IEC 62443.

SIBERprotect is designed to provide industrial OT systems with a comprehensive and automated cyber response solution that can mitigate the impact of cyber attacks and limit downtime. By leveraging technologies such as AI and machine learning, SIBERprotect offers a proactive approach to cybersecurity that enhances the overall resilience of critical infrastructure.

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