SimSpace awarded Cyber Florida contract, leading state’s cybersecurity preparedness

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-SimSpace, a global leader in military-grade cyber ranges, has won a multi-year contract with Cyber Florida to spearhead the state’s cybersecurity preparedness.
-The collaboration will enable Florida to withstand and respond to increasingly severe cyber events and become a standard-bearer for cybersecurity excellence at the state level in the US.
-Cybercrime will cost the world over $10.5 trillion in 2024 and poses an existential threat to the integrity of all critical national infrastructure in Florida.
-SimSpace’s cyber range technology will provide evidence-based data and practice environments to increase the cyber governance and accountability of Florida’s $1.4 trillion economy.

SimSpace has been awarded a multi-year contract by Cyber Florida, the cybersecurity center at the University of South Florida, to enhance the state’s cybersecurity preparedness. The partnership aims to strengthen Florida’s ability to withstand and respond to cyber attacks and establish the state as a leader in cybersecurity excellence. SimSpace’s cyber range technology will provide high-fidelity practice environments for public and private sector entities, enabling collaboration and training to enhance cybersecurity skills across all sectors. The contract, secured through funding from the Florida State Legislature, aims to bolster the operational preparedness of Florida’s most vital institutions, companies, and law enforcement entities.

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