Starting out: Cyber AI/ML engineer journey began here

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  • Maria Pospelova, a senior data scientist, discusses her journey to becoming a cyber AI/ML engineer.
  • She highlights the importance of continuous learning, communication, and team culture in cybersecurity careers.

In a recent interview, Maria Pospelova, a senior data scientist at OpenText Cybersecurity, shared insights into her career path as a cyber AI/ML engineer. Pospelova’s journey began with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, specializing in data science. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning in cybersecurity, obtaining certifications like CompTIA Security+ to deepen her understanding of cybersecurity challenges.

Pospelova’s first role in IT was as a developer at a startup, where she developed a passion for analyzing data. She was drawn to cybersecurity by the opportunity to use math to identify and catch cybercriminals. Pospelova highlighted the value of resilience and the ability to focus on solving problems in the fast-paced domains of cybersecurity and data science.

When asked about the most valuable skill she has learned in her role, Pospelova emphasized the importance of never stopping learning. She noted that new threats and algorithms emerge regularly, requiring constant innovation and adaptation. Pospelova also underscored the significance of soft skills in cybersecurity, particularly the ability to communicate effectively and maintain a focus on the main goal amid distractions.

Reflecting on her career, Pospelova highlighted three key aspects that she believes are essential for success in tech roles: passion, communication, and team culture. She noted that working in a place where you feel passionate about the product, communicate effectively with teammates, and foster an inclusive and inspiring team culture is crucial for personal and organizational growth.

Overall, Pospelova’s journey to becoming a cyber AI/ML engineer emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, effective communication, and a positive team culture in cybersecurity careers. Her insights serve as valuable guidance for individuals seeking to enter or advance in the cybersecurity field.

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