Stay informed on SEC guidelines for cyber risk disclosures today

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  • Companies are expanding SEC cyber risk disclosures to enhance cybersecurity efforts, build market confidence, and potentially boost stock prices.
  • Different industries have varying cyber risk disclosures, with some mentioning cybersecurity frameworks while others have limited measures.


Companies are increasingly focused on expanding their SEC Cyber Risk Disclosures to demonstrate their cybersecurity efforts, instill market confidence, and potentially improve their stock prices. These disclosures vary significantly by industry, with operative builders often mentioning cybersecurity frameworks, while special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) may state limited cybersecurity measures due to their nature. There is a concern that such limited disclosures could make these companies more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Cyber risk disclosures should encompass tools and software to collect evidence of compliance and must accurately reflect cybersecurity measures to avoid consequences of false disclosures. SEC requirements have a notable impact on private companies and their supply chains, warranting a thorough understanding of reporting standards and practices in the cybersecurity space.

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