Stay safe with proactive cyber and physical security solutions

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TLDR: A proactive approach to cyber and physical security

Key Points:

  • 36% of respondents globally looking to invest in cybersecurity-related tools to improve physical security environment
  • Importance of proactive measures in mitigating cybersecurity threats

In a recent survey by Genetec, organizations are starting to recognize the real cyber threats to their physical security systems. The use of IoT devices has provided benefits but also increased cybersecurity risks. To mitigate these threats:

Partnering with a physical security provider that prioritizes cybersecurity is crucial. Look for certifications, compliance, and best practices in cybersecurity. Solutions with built-in cybersecurity measures such as authentication, authorization, encryption, and privacy can help protect data and assets. Moving to a hybrid or cloud approach can further minimize vulnerabilities and share cybersecurity responsibilities with cloud providers.

Ensuring a holistic approach to security involves integrating physical security and cybersecurity measures to protect organizations from cyberattacks.

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