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  • Protect personal devices with strong passwords
  • Utilize drive encryption for added security

Tips from a Cyber Security Expert to Keep Personal Devices Safe

With the increase in personal information stored on devices, the need for cybersecurity measures is more important than ever. Jeremy Straub, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at NDSU, shares key tips to help keep personal devices safe.

Straub emphasizes the importance of utilizing strong passwords as the first line of defense against cyber threats. He suggests making passwords difficult enough to deter casual attackers.

Another crucial step is to enable drive encryption if the device supports it, or consider using third-party encryption utilities. This prevents easy access to information by physically removing the hard drive.

Professionals are available to assist with cybersecurity measures when purchasing or repairing devices, and resources such as Google’s “How To Videos” can offer helpful guidance. However, Straub advises caution in verifying the credibility of online sources to avoid potential security risks.

Ultimately, the motivation behind cybersecurity practices is to make devices less appealing to opportunistic attackers. By taking proactive steps like securing personal information online and double-checking website legitimacy, individuals can significantly enhance their cybersecurity.

Protecting personal devices is essential in today’s digital age, and following these expert tips can help individuals safeguard their information and privacy from potential cyber threats.

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