Suffolk appoints John McCaffrey as top tech officer Cybersecurity chief exits

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  • John McCaffrey appointed as new chief technology officer for Suffolk County
  • Departure of cybersecurity chief Kenneth Brancik after unsuccessful phishing attempt

Suffolk County has named John McCaffrey as its new chief technology officer, replacing Scott Mastellon. McCaffrey, with a background in various IT roles, is expected to play a crucial role in protecting the county’s infrastructure. The appointment comes as the cybersecurity chief, Kenneth Brancik, was released following a phishing attempt on the county’s network. Brancik was hired after a cyberattack in 2022, but his departure indicates ongoing challenges in securing the county’s systems.

The 2022 cyberattack cost the county millions in investigation and remediation work, with additional spending on system replacements. County officials have identified unnecessary purchases, highlighting the need for better oversight and cybersecurity measures. Suffolk County continues to assess and improve its IT systems in the face of evolving cyber threats.

It is crucial for Suffolk County to have skilled and experienced IT professionals like McCaffrey to safeguard its infrastructure and prevent future cyber incidents. The departure of Brancik underscores the ongoing challenges and importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures in government agencies.

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