Taiwan telecom giant hacked; sensitive data stolen, says ministry

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  • Hackers stole sensitive data, including military and government documents, from Taiwan’s largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom.
  • The data was sold on the dark web, prompting the Taiwanese ministry of national defence to confirm the breach.

Hackers were able to access and sell 1.7 terabytes of data from Chunghwa Telecom, which included documents from various government departments such as the armed forces, the foreign affairs ministry, and the coast guard. Taiwan, being a top target for cybersecurity attacks, has faced persistent threats, with some experts suggesting Chinese state-sponsored groups are behind the breaches. While the leaked information from the air force and navy departments was not classified, Taiwan’s defence ministry has urged the contractor to enhance information security measures to prevent future incidents. The Taiwanese government views these cyber threats as a form of “grey zone harassment” from China, which also includes military provocations around the island. Microsoft previously identified a China-based group targeting Taiwan for espionage purposes. Despite the breach, Chunghwa Telecom assured that operations have not been significantly affected.

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Hackers stole “sensitive information” including military and government documents from Taiwan’s largest telecom company and sold it on the dark web, the island’s ministry of national defence has said. The confirmation of the democratic island’s latest major data leak followed a report by local news channel TVBS on the hack of telecom giant Chunghwa Telecom. That report included a screenshot of a post in which hackers announced they were “selling Chunghwa Telecom 1.7 TeraBytes of data” that included government contracts. Taiwan is one of the world’s top targets for cybersecurity attacks, according to digital data experts. Some have suggested that tactics employed against Taiwanese infrastructure bear the hallmarks of Chinese state-sponsored groups…

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