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  • The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) CEO, Kate Pounder, will step down from her role on February 2, 2024.
  • Pounder played a pivotal role in establishing the TCA as a key industry body and raising awareness of the tech sector in Australia.
  • She will continue to support the industry in a personal capacity and hopes to see the organization grow and make further contributions to the tech sector.

Kate Pounder, the CEO of the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), has announced that she will be stepping down from her role on February 2, 2024. During her time as CEO, Pounder has been instrumental in launching and solidifying the TCA as an important industry body, as well as raising the profile of the technology sector in Australia. Under her leadership, the TCA has become a powerful voice for the tech industry on the national stage.

Robyn Denholm, Chair of the TCA Board, expressed gratitude for Pounder’s contributions and noted her role in building a strong and diverse member ecosystem. Denholm also mentioned the significant impact that Pounder has had on championing the tech sector and thanked her for her dedication to the organization.

Pounder herself expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to lead the TCA for the past three years, calling it the greatest role of her professional career. She stated that she plans to continue supporting the industry in a personal capacity and is excited to witness the growth and continued impact of the organization.

Pounder’s decision to step down is motivated by a desire to limit her travel commitments and remain in Canberra to support a family health-related matter. The TCA Board will bid farewell to Pounder at an event in late January. The process of recruiting a new CEO is currently underway, and in the meantime, Ryan Black, Head of Public Policy, will serve as the acting CEO.

In conclusion, Kate Pounder will be resigning as CEO of the Tech Council of Australia, citing personal reasons that require her to limit her travel commitments. Pounder’s time at the organization has been marked by significant achievements, including establishing the TCA as a critical player in the industry and amplifying the voices of the tech sector in Australia. The TCA Board is grateful for her contributions and looks forward to her continued support in the future.

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