There’s a surge in exploiting user credentials to hack enterprises

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Key Points:

  • Billions of compromised credentials on the Dark Web are making it easier for criminals to exploit legitimate accounts.
  • Info-stealing malware expected to increase 266% in 2023, showing more resources being invested in identity theft.

There has been a surge in attacks exploiting user credentials to hack enterprises, with a significant increase in info-stealing malware expected in 2023. Billions of compromised credentials available on the Dark Web have made it easier for attackers to exploit legitimate accounts, leading to a 266% increase in info-stealing malware. Major attacks triggered by attackers using legitimate accounts require more sophisticated response procedures from security teams, as highlighted by the takedown of a global criminal forum in 2023. The use of generative AI by adversaries is making attacks more effective, with a focus on targeting critical infrastructure organizations. Cybercriminals are exploiting valid accounts to compromise credentials and pose serious threats to organizations. Businesses need to adopt contemporary security practices to reduce risks and fortify their defenses against the evolving field of cyberattacks.

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