Treasury report warns of AI-fueled cyber risks to financial sector

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  • The U.S. Treasury Department released a report highlighting AI-specific cyber risks to the financial sector.
  • The report warns about the potential for increased cyber-enabled fraud using AI tools.

The report emphasizes the importance of financial institutions expanding and strengthening their risk management and cybersecurity practices to account for AI systems’ capabilities. It also discusses best practices and AI use cases for fraud prevention in the industry. The report suggests that managing AI-related cyber risks should mirror best practices for protecting IT systems. It notes a widening capability gap between large and small companies in the industry, with larger firms investing more in AI prevention tools. The report also highlights the importance of collaboration, threat information sharing, and the development of best practices in AI adoption across the financial sector.

Overall, the report aims to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with AI in the financial sector and provide guidance on how to mitigate these risks effectively. It calls for continued collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies to address AI-related challenges in the sector.

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