UK cyber funding questioned by security experts after Electoral Commission hack

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  • Security experts criticize the UK government’s limited cyber security budget increase in the wake of state-backed cyber attacks.
  • Concerns arise following the Electoral Commission hack linked to Chinese threat actors.

Security experts have raised questions about the UK government’s cyber security funding in light of recent state-backed cyber attacks. The total increase of £6.5 million in the last financial year was deemed insufficient by experts who believe elected officials in the UK require the highest standard of cyber protection. The budget increase was described as “pitiful” by CEO of RiverSafe, Suid Adeyanju, who emphasized the need for military-grade encryption and advanced training to combat the growing volume of sophisticated security attacks.

Data obtained under a Freedom of Information request revealed that the UK Parliament’s IT budget rose to £67,702,898, with an increase in IT specialists employed. However, concerns over financial commitments to cyber security were heightened after Chinese-linked threat actors were found responsible for the Electoral Commission hack, compromising the personal details of 40 million UK voters.

In response to the attacks, APT31, a cyber-espionage group with ties to the Chinese Ministry of State Security, has been sanctioned by the UK government. While some industry stakeholders praised the increase in IT staffing levels for improving cyber defenses, others criticized the current cyber security spending levels as inadequate in the face of escalating cyber threats.

Overall, the article highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the UK’s cyber security funding and the need for stronger measures to protect against state-backed cyber attacks. The diplomatic tensions arising from the Electoral Commission hack serve as a reminder of the critical importance of robust cyber defense strategies in today’s security landscape.

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