Ukraine: Leading the charge in global cyber security

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TLDR: Ukraine is on the front lines of global cybersecurity, with recent cyber attacks on Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar serving as a reminder of the potential dangers posed by cyber operations. Russian cyber activities, which are seen as a public-private partnership, involve both official government actors and unofficial private hacker networks that are likely sanctioned and protected by the Russian authorities. The most significant government actor in Russia’s cyber operations is Military Unit 74455, also known as Sandworm, which has been engaged in cyber attacks since at least 2014. Attribution of cyber attacks is challenging, but common sense and available information can often point to the source. Private hacker groups in Russia are protected by the state, contributing to the country’s reputation as a major hub for cyber attacks. Cybersecurity experts believe that the ongoing cyber attacks in Ukraine will not stay confined to the country and could be deployed against other countries, making it crucial for Western cybersecurity experts to cooperate with Ukraine.

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