US and UK claim China cyber spying on millions worldwide

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  • US and UK officials accuse China of orchestrating cyberespionage targeting millions worldwide.
  • FBI Director condemns China’s cyber activities as attempts to undermine American cybersecurity.

In a joint move, US and UK officials accused China of conducting a widespread cyberespionage campaign targeting millions, including lawmakers, academics, journalists, and defense contractors. The hacking group, APT31, allegedly operated under the guise of China’s Ministry of State Security, targeting a broad array of victims such as White House staffers, US senators, British parliamentarians, and government officials critical of Beijing. The primary objectives of the campaign were to silence critics of the Chinese government, compromise governmental institutions, and pilfer trade secrets. Both countries imposed sanctions on entities associated with the cyber activities while China dismissed the accusations as baseless.

The escalation in accusations reflects growing tensions between Beijing and Washington over cyberespionage, with Western intelligence agencies becoming more vocal about Chinese state-backed hacking. China has retaliated by highlighting alleged Western hacking operations. With the specter of cyberespionage looming large, there is an urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures and international cooperation to address this evolving threat landscape.

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