Variston, the spyware startup, hemorrhages talent, rumors swirl of closure

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TechCrunch, as part of the Yahoo family of brands, utilizes cookies and similar technologies to provide its sites and apps to users. These cookies allow the operators of websites and apps to store and read information from user devices. Users have the option to accept or reject the use of these cookies.

If users choose to accept all cookies, TechCrunch and its partners, including those within the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, will use cookies and personal data, such as IP address, location, and browsing/search data, for various purposes. These purposes include displaying personalized ads and content based on user interest profiles, measuring the effectiveness of personalized ads and content, and developing and improving products and services.

On the other hand, users who reject all cookies will prevent TechCrunch and its partners from using personal data for these additional purposes. This means that personalized ads and content will not be displayed based on user interests. However, the basic functionality of the sites and apps will still be available.

For those who want to customize their cookie preferences, the option to manage privacy settings is provided. By clicking on the “Manage privacy settings” link, users can change their choices at any time. TechCrunch also provides links to the “Privacy & cookie settings” and “Privacy dashboard” for easy access to these options.

It is important for users to note that they can review how TechCrunch uses their personal data in the privacy policy and cookie policy provided. This gives users a clear understanding of how their information is handled and used within the TechCrunch and Yahoo family of brands ecosystem.

Overall, the use of cookies allows TechCrunch to enhance user experience, personalize content and ads, and improve their products and services. However, users have the freedom to control their cookie preferences and make choices that align with their privacy needs and preferences.

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