White House praised for innovative cybersecurity initiatives by experts

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Experts praise White House Port Cybersecurity Initiatives for taking the necessary steps to improve maritime port cybersecurity by instituting mandatory requirements and cybersecurity guidelines for the maritime industry.


US President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at improving maritime cybersecurity standards for US ports, addressing vulnerabilities in IT and OT systems in critical infrastructure. The executive order and proposed rules by the US Coast Guard require reporting cyber incidents related to ports, offering oversight and protection for essential functions such as facility security and vessel navigation. Experts highlight the benefits of this initiative, emphasizing the importance of sharing data, enhancing collaboration between federal authorities and ports, and focusing attention on cybersecurity protections vital for protecting national security.

In addition, the Coast Guard proposed cybersecurity standards for vessels and ports to address potential cybersecurity risks associated with foreign-manufactured port components. Recommendations include implementing best practices, performing periodic backups, ensuring physical security, and reporting incidents promptly to federal cyber authorities. These guidelines are seen as positive steps that could increase awareness and prompt further research on cybersecurity protections for US ports.

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