Abacus Group boosts IT and cybersecurity services for finance industry

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  • Abacus Group has enhanced its IT and cybersecurity services for the financial services industry.
  • The revamped offerings include tailored cybersecurity packages to meet different needs.

Abacus Group, a leading Managed Services Provider for financial services firms, has revamped its integrated IT and security solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The enhanced offerings, provided in conjunction with Gotham Security, aim to provide financial services firms with tailored packages that can cater to emerging, established, and high-tech firms. The solutions are designed to align with regulatory requirements and provide comprehensive cybersecurity protection.

One of the core elements of the enhanced solutions is abacusFlex, a secure and compliant ecosystem that offers a range of security controls. The solution, trusted by over 700 financial services customers globally, is now provided through three tailored packages: CyberBasic, CyberCore, and CyberEnterprise. These packages offer varying levels of cybersecurity protection based on the firm’s regulatory requirements and security needs.

The dedicated cybersecurity team at Abacus Group, along with certified ethical hackers from Gotham Security, will deliver the enhanced solutions, including real-world penetration testing, risk assessments, and ongoing monitoring. Clients will have visibility into their firm’s cybersecurity program through a transparent Cybersecurity and Risk Management Dashboard.

The new cybersecurity packages are immediately available to financial services firms looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture and meet regulatory requirements. For more information about Abacus Group and its services, visit www.abacusgroupllc.com.

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