IT pros say UK government fails to shield against cyber attacks

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Key Points:

  • UK businesses lack confidence in the government’s ability to protect them from cyberattacks.
  • Survey reveals increase in cyber threats and concerns about national security.

Article Summary:

According to a report from cybersecurity researchers Armis, UK businesses are expressing a loss of confidence in the government’s capability to defend them against cyberattacks. The survey, which included input from over 2,600 security and IT decision-makers, highlighted that more than half of IT leaders in the UK no longer trust the government’s cybersecurity measures. This lack of faith is higher in the UK compared to other European countries such as Germany and France.

The survey also indicated a rise in cyber threats, with global events like geopolitical tensions and elections increasing the risk of cyberwarfare. UK companies are considered to be particularly vulnerable, with concerns about Russia and North Korea posing significant threats to critical infrastructure.

The report revealed that a significant number of organizations, especially in the utilities, medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors, have experienced a substantial increase in cyber threats over the past year. Despite the growing concerns, only a quarter of businesses have developed a plan to mitigate these risks.

David Critchley, Armis’s Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, emphasized the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity strategies and proactive measures to protect national security. He highlighted the importance of investing in cybersecurity technologies like AI to safeguard society from the escalating threat of cyberwarfare.

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