Trend Micro unveils AI-powered cyber risk management features

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Trend Micro Launches AI-Driven Cyber Risk Management Capabilities


  • Trend Micro has launched AI-driven cyber risk management capabilities across its Trend Vision One platform.
  • The new capabilities empower security, cloud, and IT operations teams to manage risk proactively, simplifying the entire cyber risk lifecycle.

Trend Micro has unveiled AI-driven cyber risk management capabilities integrated into its flagship platform, Trend Vision One. This integration of more than 10 industry technology categories offers proactive risk management for security, cloud, and IT operations teams. Dr. Andrew Adams, an early adoption customer, praises Trend Micro for providing unrivaled risk scoring and contextualizing telemetry effectively. This allows organizations to prioritize and mitigate risks rapidly.

Corporate boards are increasingly recognizing the importance of considering cyber risk as part of broader business risk management strategies, especially due to recent regulations focusing on cybersecurity posture. Trend Micro enables CISOs to communicate risk effectively to business leaders, streamline workflows, and centralize prioritization and remediation with enhanced visibility.

The new cyber risk management capabilities through Trend Vision One Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) provide comprehensive, precise, and continuous risk assessment across the entire enterprise environment. This marks a significant advancement beyond traditional siloed risk views and fixed assessments common among point solution vendors.

Proactive cyber risk management has become a critical initiative for enterprise leaders and federal agencies, given the rise in data breaches and threat actors using AI to enhance fraud efficacy. With a record-breaking number of data breaches reported in 2023, organizations are increasingly turning to advanced solutions like Trend Micro’s AI-driven cyber risk management capabilities to enhance their security posture.

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