AttackIQ Ready 20: Validate your cyber defense with ease

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  • AttackIQ Ready! 2.0 is a managed breach and attack simulation service for organizations to validate their cyber defense.
  • The platform offers seamless integration with Flex, on-demand testing, added customization, detection validation, comprehensive reporting, expanded test library, and benchmarking.

AttackIQ Ready! 2.0 was launched to help organizations validate their cyber defense through a managed breach and attack simulation service. This platform combines automated and on-demand testing to ensure continuous security control validation. Many organizations struggle with consistent testing due to budget or staffing constraints, leaving them vulnerable to cyber threats despite investing in security measures.

The platform offers seamless integration with Flex, enabling users to extend their visibility with agentless test packages through a single testing interface. Users can supplement fully managed testing with on-demand adversary and security control tests, as well as customize content in scheduled testing. Detection validation is expanded with enhanced security control integrations, and comprehensive reporting provides powerful mitigations and recommendations.

With an expanded test library including security control and adversary emulations, organizations can proactively test their defenses against the latest threats, including CISA alerts. Benchmarking allows organizations to compare their score to others who have run the same security validation tests, empowering them to improve their cybersecurity strategy and overall defense posture.

Security experts highlight the importance of data-driven decisions in crafting a robust cybersecurity strategy. AttackIQ Ready! 2.0 provides organizations with critical intelligence to anticipate and prepare for real-world cyberattacks, helping them thrive in today’s uncertain world.

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