Leverage Your Team to Fight Cyberattacks: 6 Tips to Succeed

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  • Cybersecurity requires a people-focused approach
  • Six tips for fostering a people-focused security posture

In the article “Why Employees Are Your Best Defense Against Cyberattacks: 6 Tips for Fostering a People-Focused Security Posture,” Ani Banerjee discusses the importance of shifting the focus of cybersecurity from technology to employees. Historically, cybersecurity has been seen as a technology problem, but in reality, it is a business problem. Banerjee highlights the growing importance of a people-focused defense, as attackers are more likely to target individuals through social engineering techniques.

Providing six tips for building a people-focused security strategy, Banerjee emphasizes the need to focus on behavior, position security alongside business strategy, practice empathy, use storytelling to sell the purpose of cybersecurity, make it fun and interesting, and use advocates and influencers. By prioritizing employee training and instilling a strong commitment to security, organizations can enhance their overall security posture.

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