C4 Cyber Security and Networking students celebrated for outstanding accomplishments

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Four C4 Columbus Area Career Connection students in the Cyber Security and Networking field have been recognized with prestigious awards from NCWIT, highlighting their exceptional talents and accomplishments in computing. The recipients include Manasi Indalkar, Yuti Patil, Bruna Carreria, and Kaelynn Engeleau.

Four students from C4 Columbus Area Career Connection have been acknowledged by NCWIT for their achievements in the Cyber Security and Networking field. Manasi Indalkar and Yuti Patil have received the NCWIT AiC High School Award, while Bruna Carreria has been recognized with the 2024 Affiliate Rising Star Award. Kaelynn Engeleau has also earned an Honorable Mention. These awards aim to celebrate the exceptional talents of young women in computing and encourage their growth in the industry.

The NCWIT awards highlight the accomplishments of these students and emphasize the importance of women’s participation in the field of computing. These recognitions serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of Manasi, Yuti, Bruna, and Kaelynn, inspiring future generations of women to pursue careers in Cyber Security and Networking.

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