Rawlins City recognizes county’s vital support in navigating challenges

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  • Rawlins, Wyoming faced a cyber-attack in November, prompting a swift response from county officials.
  • Carbon County Emergency Manager and IT Director played key roles in mitigating the attack and ensuring essential city services were maintained.

Rawlins City in Wyoming recently faced a cyber-attack that threatened its digital infrastructure. The attack was swiftly addressed by county officials, with the Carbon County Emergency Manager and IT Director playing pivotal roles. The quick response and collaboration between agencies helped prevent major damage and keep essential services operational.

The cyber-attack prompted an immediate and coordinated response from various county departments to isolate Rawlins’ servers and ensure the continuity of critical operations. Despite temporary disruptions to the police department’s reporting system, law enforcement agencies worked together to maintain public safety and communication. The incident highlighted the importance of cyber-security and community cooperation in the face of digital threats, emphasizing the preparedness and resilience of small towns like Rawlins against cyber adversaries.

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