Chuck Brooks: Safeguarding the Cosmic Realm of Space Systems—Part II

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In this article, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks continues his discussion on protecting the cyber frontier of space systems. He emphasizes the importance of comprehensive satellite security, including both terrestrial and orbiting satellites, as well as ground communications systems. Brooks highlights the non-kinetic threats to space assets, which can be used by adversaries to interfere with or take down satellites and ground-based equipment. The article provides a list of security components that can be used to protect space systems, including identity and access management, multi-checks for Internet of Things devices, intrusion detection systems, configuration management and secure software development, and signal strength monitoring and encryption. The author also references other articles and discussions on the topic of space system security. The article concludes with the importance of prioritizing space system security within the national security establishment and the need for swift and targeted initiatives by organizations like NASA, the Department of Defense, the US Air Force, and Space Command.

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