World Beyond: Cyber Attacks Turn Apocalyptic

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TLDR: The 2023 Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind” depicts a cyber attack on the US, showing the devastating effects of a collapse in technology. The film highlights society’s heavy reliance on technology and the potential dangers of cyber attacks. While some cybersecurity experts question the realism of the movie’s portrayal of a large-scale attack, it serves as a reminder of the vulnerabilities of our interconnected world.

In the movie, two families navigate a crumbling society as a cyber attack disrupts communication and infrastructure. Their devices, including cell phones and televisions, stop working, and they lose access to the internet and radio for updates. Electric vehicles go haywire, a cargo ship is intentionally driven ashore, and a passenger plane crashes, all due to the cyber attack.

The film raises questions about the plausibility of such a large-scale attack in reality. Cybersecurity experts point out that while it is possible to hack systems on boats and planes, most vessels still have the capability for crews to take back control if something seems amiss. Targeting an entire country with a cyber attack would be highly unlikely.

Despite the skepticism about its realism, the movie serves as a reminder of society’s dependence on technology and the potential ramifications if that technology were to fail. It underscores the need for robust cybersecurity measures and the constant vigilance against cyber threats.

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