CISO Corner: Beat burnout, GPT-4 hacks, NIST rebalancing

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Key points:

  • GPT-4 AI can exploit vulnerabilities by reading threat advisories.
  • Combating security burnout with leadership and neuroscience.

Dark Reading’s CISO Corner delves into the implications of GPT-4’s ability to exploit vulnerabilities by automating the process of gathering threat advisories. The AI technology was shown to exploit 87% of vulnerabilities tested. In response, organizations are advised to tighten security practices, especially patching.

Additionally, the article discusses strategies for breaking security burnout by leveraging leadership and neuroscience. Peter Coroneros and Kayla Williams advocate for empathetic leadership and mental health tools such as iRest to combat the escalating stress faced by cybersecurity professionals.

Furthermore, the intensifying cyber operations in the Middle East, with Israel as the main target, highlight the need for increased cybersecurity measures. Nation-state threat actors and hacktivist groups are engaging in cyberattacks to support military operations, urging organizations to enhance their cyber defenses.

Lastly, Cisco’s Hypershield promise and the importance of recovery in NIST’s framework are explored, along with executive steps for cyber readiness and the significance of rethinking detection and response metrics in cybersecurity operations.

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