FBI warns of China’s cybersecurity threat – Director Wray on alert

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Key Points:

  • FBI Director Wray issues a dire warning on China’s cybersecurity threat
  • Chinese hackers are ready to do “devastating” damage to US infrastructure

Article Summary:

FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a stark warning about the threat Chinese-backed hackers pose to US national and economic security. He highlighted the immediate and imminent threat, emphasizing the need for stakeholders to fortify networks and respond to attacks promptly. Chinese hackers are trying to pre-position themselves in critical infrastructure sectors to disrupt essential services. The FBI described China’s cyber-espionage and cybercriminal groups engaging in multifaceted attacks, focusing on stealing intellectual property and trade secrets. The Volt Typhoon group has been particularly aggressive in infiltrating US critical infrastructure networks. Wray pointed to China’s indiscriminate cyber campaigns, such as the Microsoft Exchange Server attacks in 2021, as examples of their malicious activities. The FBI is working with other agencies to disrupt Chinese hacking operations and advises private sector organizations to enhance their cyber defense mechanisms and share information to prevent threats.

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