CrowdStrike buys Flow Security, top cloud data security company

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  • CrowdStrike has acquired Flow Security, a cloud data runtime security provider, to enhance its cloud security offerings.
  • With this acquisition, CrowdStrike aims to provide comprehensive real-time data protection across endpoint and cloud environments.

In a strategic move, CrowdStrike has acquired Flow Security, the industry’s first cloud data runtime security provider. This acquisition allows CrowdStrike to offer a more robust cloud security solution, encompassing real-time data protection for both endpoint and cloud environments. As organizations continue to rely on cloud-based services and applications, the need for enhanced data security becomes paramount. Adversaries are constantly evolving, exploiting vulnerabilities in cloud platforms to target sensitive data. By integrating Flow Security’s capabilities into its Falcon platform, CrowdStrike is poised to become a leader in data security, offering protection for data at rest and in motion. This acquisition marks a significant step towards redefining the future of data protection in the cloud.

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