Tackle cybersecurity challenges for state and local governments with priority

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  • State and local governments are prime targets for cyberattacks due to outdated systems and infrastructure.
  • Ransomware attacks on government entities have increased, highlighting the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures.

In an era dominated by technical advancements and the accompanying hackers seeking to exploit them, the threat of cyberattacks has reached unprecedented levels for state and local governments. These entities often operate on outdated legacy systems and infrastructure, making them vulnerable to attacks that can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and other consequences. The challenge of resource allocation for cybersecurity measures, along with budget constraints, leaves government agencies exposed to cyber threats. Traditional security controls are no longer enough to protect against major security breaches, emphasizing the importance of modern approaches like threat intelligence and vulnerability management.

Ransomware attacks on state and local government levels have increased, raising concerns about the potential disastrous consequences on election integrity and national security. Implementing robust security awareness training can help mitigate vulnerabilities caused by the human aspect, such as phishing attacks and social engineering. Automating the patching process can improve vulnerability management and reduce downtime. Multi-layered defense strategies, along with incident response plans and simulated exercises, can help government entities defend against cyber threats and data breaches in the future.

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