Discover new supply chain threat hunting strategies in our webinar

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  • Supply chain attacks are a potent threat in cybersecurity
  • Webinar “Supply Chain Under Siege: Unveiling Hidden Threats” offers proactive threat hunting techniques

In the high-stakes world of cybersecurity, the battleground has shifted to supply chain attacks, which exploit interconnected systems and third-party dependencies. A webinar titled “Supply Chain Under Siege: Unveiling Hidden Threats” led by industry experts Rhys Arkins and Jeffrey Martin delves into the anatomy of supply chain threats, proactive threat hunting methodologies, real-life case studies, resilience boosting steps, and emerging trends and best practices. The webinar aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to proactively identify and neutralize threats within their software supply chain. By staying ahead of the curve and enhancing cybersecurity posture, attendees can become vanguards against cyber adversaries.

The webinar offers a comprehensive session that explores the complexities of supply chain attacks, provides cutting-edge techniques for threat hunting, analyzes recent case studies, and offers practical steps to fortify defenses. By understanding the threats and vulnerabilities within the supply chain ecosystem, participants can mitigate risks and enhance their organization’s overall cybersecurity resilience. Emerging trends and industry best practices are also discussed to ensure preparedness for the evolving threat landscape.

It is essential for organizations to be proactive in their approach to supply chain threats and to develop the necessary skills to identify and neutralize potential risks before they escalate. By participating in the webinar, attendees can learn valuable strategies and techniques to bolster their cybersecurity defenses and become adept at threat hunting within their software supply chain.

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