Russian hackers attack Ukrainian energy sector in cyber siege

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Key points:

  • Ukrainian energy sector facing cyberattacks from Russian hackers
  • Russian hackers, including the Sandworm cyberwarfare unit, targeting energy, water, and heating industries


Ukraine’s energy sector is currently under a severe cyber siege by Russian hackers, with the Sandworm cyberwarfare unit of Russia’s military intelligence targeting energy facilities, water, and heating industries. This attack was first detected in March by the Computer Emergency Response Team in Ukraine. The Sandworm unit has compromised at least three supply chains in Ukraine using a backdoor named “Kapeka” since its discovery in 2022. These attacks come in the midst of growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, with fears of a large-scale offensive on the horizon. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned of an upcoming Russian offensive, while Russia has a history of cyber and physical attacks on Ukraine’s energy sector since 2022. The Sandworm unit has gained notoriety for its sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure, making it a significant global threat with reports suggesting its involvement in undermining democratic processes worldwide. The urgency continues to mount as Ukraine braces for further malicious cyber activities against its energy facilities.

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