Embrace AI in defiance of cyber security fears

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A recent article from FE News discusses the threats and opportunities surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of cyber security. The piece emphasizes that AI is no longer optional for businesses and organizations looking to maintain effective cyber security, but a necessity. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that AI is lowering the barrier to entry for cyber criminals, and there is concern that AI-based security systems can be exploited by hackers. The article suggests that businesses must carefully assess the benefits of AI against the associated costs and risks. The author, Manny Athwal, founder of the School of Coding & AI and the School of Cyber Security, argues that education and training are vital to preparing for the age of AI. Athwal emphasizes the importance of teaching coding and digital skills to young people, as well as staying informed about the latest cyber threats. The article concludes by stating that a combination of education, awareness, and technology is necessary to protect against cyber threats in the age of AI.

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