Tackle cybercrime economy: Strategic solutions for businesses in today’s world

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The cybercrime economy is thriving under the bedrock of a flourishing underground market. Whereas historically, launching an attack like ransomware simply required purchasing valid RDP credentials, the more recent trend of exploiting previously not-publicly-known vulnerabilities has demonstrated a level of access (and indeed capability) that was solely the domain of well-resourced threat groups.

Similar to the offerings of SaaS companies, RaaS services provide customer support and are happy to negotiate with affiliates to attract the brightest and best.

The cybersecurity industry has repeatedly put out the message that criminals go after the ‘low-hanging fruit’, but the trending exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities at a mass scale are cause for concern.

Despite the increasing complexity and sophistication of these threats, the cornerstone of effective defence remains the nuanced understanding of threat intelligence.

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