Introducing Wallarm’s API ThreatStatsTM Report: Unleash the Power of 2024

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The Wallarm Security Research team has released the Wallarm 2024 API ThreatStats Report, which highlights the growing threats to APIs and the need for enhanced security measures. The report shows a 30.15% rise in API-related vulnerabilities and categorizes these vulnerabilities into different types, such as injection flaws, broken authentication, and sensitive data exposure. The report also emphasizes the importance of early detection of API leaks and discusses several high-profile API leaks and the resulting data breaches. The report reveals that bug bounty payouts for API vulnerabilities surpassed those for traditional web flaws in 2023, indicating a growing focus on API security. The report offers an in-depth analysis of significant API exploits in 2023, including the Snapchat payout and the Citrix Bleed, and provides potential preventative measures and response strategies. Looking ahead, the report predicts a continued escalation in API security challenges, including an increase in automated attacks and the potential use of AI by cybercriminals. Security professionals are advised to adapt their defensive strategies accordingly.

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