EML Australia’s alleged 2022 breach led to a data leak

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  • Employer Mutual Limited (EML) experienced a data leak in a cyber breach in 2022.
  • The breach was caused by an unknown cyber-gang and impacted employee and injured workers’ personal data.

Worker’s insurance firm EML has reportedly suffered a data leak as a result of a cyber breach in 2022. The company’s internal systems were compromised during the cyber attack, and the extent of the breach has yet to be disclosed publicly. EML reported the breach to icare, but did not provide specific details about the incident.

An EML insider stated that the cyber incident occurred between August and September 2022 and was escalated to the company’s internal IT and Risk departments in Sydney. Authorities were promptly informed of the breach.

EML enlisted the help of external private investigators to monitor the situation and confirm the disclosure of internal data on the dark web. According to witness statements, the breach began with a cyber attack in August that targeted the credentials of EML staff. The attackers then gained access to internal administrative systems, including records related to COVID-19 and workers compensation claims.

The cyber breach gave the attackers access to detailed medical records, including personal information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, contact details, and bank account information. Around 10,000 former and current employees of the NSW emergency services, as well as injured workers in the Insurance for NSW segment, may be affected. Additionally, some injured workers’ health information and Workcover records were compromised.

This cyber breach highlights the importance of cybersecurity measures and protecting sensitive information. Companies must remain vigilant in safeguarding their systems and regularly updating security protocols to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Disclaimer: This article is a summary of the original article “Employer Mutual Limited (EML) Allegedly Suffered Data Leak In 2022 Cyber Breach” written by Lilly Diamond.

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