Experience AI’s key role in modern cybersecurity at theCUBE May 6-9

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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape of cybersecurity, reshaping the ongoing cyberwar.
  • The RSA Conference will host cybersecurity experts and explore the role of AI in cybersecurity from May 6-9.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller’s quote, “There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be,” highlights the continuous battle in cybersecurity. In the midst of escalating cyber threats, AI has become a game-changer. Global spending on cybersecurity efforts surpassing $200 billion raises questions on how to effectively utilize AI to lower risks. The upcoming RSA Conference aims to address cybersecurity challenges and the role of AI in combatting cyber threats.

With cyber threats targeting various data repositories, incidents like the recent Mandiant hack demonstrate the financial and reputational damage companies face. The RSA “ID IQ Report” emphasizes the need to strengthen identity security and mitigate vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit.

AI plays a crucial role in modern cybersecurity by enhancing defense mechanisms and detecting irregularities in systems. Despite occasional misuse, AI is essential for achieving true zero trust in cybersecurity. TheCUBE will provide live coverage of the RSA Conference, showcasing discussions on cybersecurity innovations and the impact of AI.

Stay tuned for insights from cybersecurity experts, analysts, and business leaders on how AI is shaping the future of cybersecurity at the RSA Conference from May 6-9.


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