Florida Cybersecurity Center hosts student competition

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Florida Center of Cybersecurity Competition Summary


  • University of South Florida hosting CyberLaunch event for 800 Florida students to learn about cybersecurity careers
  • Competition is Capture the Flag with beginner and advanced tracks

At the CyberLaunch event hosted by the University of South Florida, around 800 Florida students will have the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity careers. Participants were selected from invitations sent to all Florida school districts, with students from 43 districts taking part. The competition, called Capture the Flag, offers beginner and advanced tracks, catering to students with varying levels of cybersecurity experience. The event aims to grow cybersecurity programs across Florida and showcase the opportunities in the field.

During the event, students will have access to breakout sessions and engagement with industry vendors. Representatives from various organizations, including the military and law enforcement agencies, will provide insights into different career paths within cybersecurity, such as digital forensics and cybercrime investigation. With over 750,000 open jobs in cybersecurity nationwide, the event seeks to equip students with the skills and experience needed to fill those gaps in the industry.

Overall, the CyberLaunch competition is a valuable opportunity for Florida students to explore cybersecurity careers, engage with industry professionals, and gain practical experience in the field.

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