Secure and connected cloud computing is key for multi-domain operations

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– Multi-domain operations require operations at the tactical edge, with cloud as the enabling transport.

– Challenges faced by the DoD include data protection, threat analysis, standardization, and interoperability in the cloud.

In a recent Q&A with Maximus, Frank Reyes and Michael Sieber discuss the importance of security and interoperability in the cloud for multi-domain operations (MDO). They highlight the challenges faced by the DoD, including integrating legacy systems with modern cloud solutions, maintaining security between on-premises and cloud environments, and ensuring operational efficiency.

Reyes and Sieber emphasize the need for standardization to enable digital transformation and edge computing through the cloud. They discuss the importance of standardizing data formats and protocols to develop solutions that translate into useful cloud applications. Furthermore, they stress the collaboration between industry and the DoD to drive innovation and secure digital transformation initiatives for future warfare in MDO.

Overall, the integration of advanced cloud technologies and superior cybersecurity practices play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of multi-domain operations, but ultimately, the people on the ground remain the greatest assets in enabling and utilizing these technologies.

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