Get ready for Spring 2024 Cybersecurity Training

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Faculty and staff at Wagner College are reminded to complete the mandatory cybersecurity training for Spring 2024 to safeguard the campus from cyber threats. The 30-minute training modules provided by KnowBe4 are essential tools to fortify Wagner’s digital defenses and protect sensitive data.

Wagner College’s IT team urges all faculty and staff to complete the mandatory cybersecurity training for Spring 2024. The training modules, provided by KnowBe4, aim to equip participants with knowledge to mitigate potential cybersecurity risks and protect sensitive data. Ahmed Adeoshun, IT operations manager, emphasizes the importance of staying proactive and protected to ensure collective security.

Safeguarding Wagner from cyber threats demands collective vigilance, and the campus community’s participation is crucial. The training sessions are not just a box to check but essential tools in fortifying the institution’s digital defenses. The cybersecurity training is accessible through a link provided in the Wagner email from KnowBe4.

Wagner College’s dedication to maintaining a secure digital environment is highlighted through the requirement of completing the Spring 2024 cybersecurity training. Participants are encouraged to take the time to engage with the 30-minute modules to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity best practices. By taking proactive measures and participating in training sessions, faculty and staff contribute to strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture of the institution.

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