IT and cyber leaders: questions from CSRB Microsoft report

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  • The CSRB report highlights fundamental weaknesses in Microsoft’s technical controls and corporate security culture.
  • The report makes 25 recommendations, focusing on corporate failures, identity and access control models, and security standards.

Expert Owen Sayers suggests five key questions for IT and cyber security leaders in organizations using Microsoft services in light of the report’s findings. The report raises concerns about the security and risk profile of Microsoft’s Global Hyperscale Cloud. It calls for a reevaluation of reliance on Microsoft cloud services and suggests considering alternative platforms or self-hosting.

The CSRB report underscores the need for organizations to review their risk acceptance and make informed decisions about the security of their cloud providers. It also prompts the UK government to conduct a proper audit of cloud use by public bodies and create a national information asset register to understand national risk posture.

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