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University cybersecurity clinics can now utilize the new CISA resource guide to improve cybersecurity for under-resourced organizations like non-profits, local governments, and hospitals. The guide includes resources such as informational briefings, partnerships, guidance, tools and services, and grants.

Article Summary

Budgetary and resource constraints often leave smaller organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. Recognizing this, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a resource guide for university cybersecurity clinics. These clinics aim to address the cybersecurity workforce shortage and help non-profits, small businesses, and hospitals enhance their defenses against cyber threats. The CISA resource guide offers a range of resources and support for university cybersecurity clinics, including:

  • Informational briefings and partnerships
  • Guidance on cybersecurity best practices
  • Tools and services to help organizations protect themselves
  • Grants to strengthen cybersecurity programs

By providing access to speakers, guidance resources, cybersecurity tools, and funding opportunities, CISA aims to empower university cybersecurity clinics to assist under-resourced organizations in improving their cybersecurity postures. While the effectiveness of these efforts remains to be seen, the commitment from CISA to support smaller organizations in defending against cybercrime is evident.

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