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TLDR: Many middle-market companies are opting to outsource their cybersecurity management to managed security service providers (MSSPs) due to the strain that protecting against cyber threats places on in-house IT teams. MSSPs can offer advanced tools and resources for safeguarding data and business. They often provide 24/7 monitoring and threat identification, freeing up in-house staff for other tasks and requiring less rigorous training. MSSPs can employ experienced staff who conduct ongoing training and have visibility across many clients, making it easier to spot trends, identify suspicious activity, and apply successful solutions. Additionally, MSSPs benefit from economies of scale and can provide more extensive and updated technological defenses than in-house teams. They can also offer data-driven insights for process improvement. By outsourcing cybersecurity, businesses can gain consistency, cost control, and predictability while closing windows of vulnerability caused by budget limitations.

63% of executives surveyed expect a breach attempt in the next year, and 68% expect a breach attempt in the next year.

45% of respondents said they know someone whose firm was the target of a ransomware attack in 2023.

58% said outside parties attempted to manipulate employees by pretending to be trusted third parties or executives.

56% of companies implemented new hardware this year.

20% of respondents said their company experienced a breach last year.

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