Nozomi Networks and Yokogawa team up for global OT security

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  • Nozomi Networks partners with Yokogawa Electric Corporation to offer OT and IoT security services worldwide.
  • Yokogawa will integrate Nozomi Networks’ solutions into its Managed Services to enhance cybersecurity for process manufacturers.

Nozomi Networks has extended its partnership with Yokogawa Electric Corporation to provide OT and IoT security services globally. As part of Yokogawa’s Cybersecurity Managed Services, Nozomi Networks’ advanced solutions for OT and IoT visibility, network monitoring, and threat detection will be offered to customers in 60 countries. Yokogawa will also resell standalone solutions from Nozomi Networks to customers who manage their security programs internally.

This collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique requirements of process manufacturers. Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Services will now include Nozomi Networks’ industry-leading OT and IoT security capabilities, ensuring customers have access to top-notch network monitoring and threat detection supported by Yokogawa’s services.

With a strong track record in the process industries sector, the partnership between Nozomi Networks and Yokogawa accelerates their mission to protect process automation assets worldwide. Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Partner Program, launched in 2021, equips managed security service providers with the necessary resources to strengthen OT and IoT security postures for their customers.

As industries become more interconnected, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount. Yokogawa’s commitment to security, reliability, and sustainability is evident in its investment in secure products, solutions, and services. By joining forces with Nozomi Networks, Yokogawa aims to fortify its cybersecurity offerings and ensure safe and secure operations for its global customer base.

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