Over 150K UAE devices and apps exposed online worldwide

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  • The UAE has over 150,000 exposed network devices and apps due to misconfigurations and insecure applications.
  • Cybersecurity firm CPX published the “State of the UAE Cybersecurity Report 2024” highlighting the vulnerabilities.

The article discusses the significant cyber threats faced by organizations and critical infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to misconfigurations and insecure services. The vulnerable assets include remote access points, network administration interfaces, insecure network devices, and open file sharing systems. Insider threats have also increased their share in the attack surface. It emphasizes the need for policymakers, businesses, and citizens to work together to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure and improve overall cybersecurity. The article mentions various cyber initiatives in the UAE, such as smart city projects and efforts to spur its digital economy.

With the rapid adoption of AI, cloud computing, and operational technology, the cyberattack surface in the UAE is expanding, providing more opportunities for threat actors to infiltrate systems illegally. The article highlights the rise in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against UAE organizations, including critical infrastructure, amid a challenging geopolitical climate. It also discusses cyber threats faced by the nation, ranging from financially motivated cybercriminals to insider threat actors. The North Korean-linked Lazarus Group conducted espionage operations and destructive attacks in the region in 2023.

The article also touches on the efforts of businesses and government agencies in investing in cybersecurity programs, resulting in improved detection of attackers within days. It stresses the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity programs that go beyond technical defenses to include awareness campaigns educating employees on potential cyber threats. Overall, the UAE faces a variety of cyber threats that require a unified approach to bolster national defenses and promote cyber resilience.

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