Secure the federal software supply chain with these three tips

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  • The federal software supply chain is vulnerable to attacks, as seen in the MOVEit Transfer software incident impacting millions of people.
  • Three tips for securing the federal software supply chain include prioritizing Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs), emphasizing real-time visibility, and identifying the lineage of AI.

Article Summary:

If one were to analyze the major data breaches and legislation trends in the federal space, the software supply chain emerges as a critical factor. Despite efforts to protect the software supply chain, notable supply chain attacks like the MOVEit Transfer software vulnerability have impacted numerous organizations. To secure the federal software supply chain, three key tips are outlined. Firstly, prioritizing Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) allows for increased transparency and risk assessment of software components. Secondly, real-time visibility into software components is crucial for preventing supply chain attacks, especially with open-source software components being prevalent. Lastly, identifying the lineage of AI and integrating security practices early in the development process is essential to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. By implementing these tips, federal agencies can better address threats to the software supply chain and protect national security.

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