Retailers can shrink security risks in IoT by taking action

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Retailers are integrating Internet of Things (IoT) assets into their enterprise management systems to optimize supply chains, manage inventory, and predict equipment maintenance. However, this integration also introduces new security risks. Each IoT asset that connects to an operational technology (OT) network becomes a potential entry point for attackers. Retailers should consider conducting operational technology assessments to address these security concerns. OT assessments focus on IoT/OT security risks and help organizations understand their current OT landscape, identify security gaps, and create a roadmap for addressing those gaps. According to Fortinet, 75% of OT organizations reported at least one intrusion in a 12-month period. For retailers, OT assessments can improve operational efficiency, identify cyber vulnerabilities, and help contain cyber risks. With the wide variety of IoT assets used by retailers, such as smart shelves and radio-frequency identification tags, an OT assessment ensures that all integrated technologies work together effectively. Retailers can also use OT assessments to manage the expanding digital attack surface and address cyber risks associated with too many tools and vendors. CDW offers a comprehensive approach to IoT/OT security, including detection, definition, decision, deployment, and defense, to help retailers review their security posture.

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